Fate Into Destiny
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What is Imagination?


Imagination is vision beyond appearances. It is the projector of which we express our desires, and our ability to give shape and form to unformed mental energy.

There is something innate in each of us that understand our possibilities are not limited to what we see before us; and the universe works together with us to bring what we visualize into our existence.

Our imagination is another avenue, other than intuition, through which God communicates with us. When we combine faith and imagination we see and know; it is then only a matter of time that what we desire becomes a reality.Imagination is an amazing spiritual gift! Imagination is the connection between where we are, and a life that is filled with unlimited possibilities.  

Desire…Ask, Believe, Receive

“The lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations and the thoughts.” (1 Ch. 28:9)

Margo DavisComment