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I Love You

In our day-to-day activities, we often miss countless ways to show appreciation for the ones we love. Sadly to say, we seldom appreciate the power of love until it’s gone, or until the one we are meant to share our love with is no longer with us. Some of us assume the people in our lives should instinctively know how we feel...what we need...and when we need it.

On the other hand; some of us have been hurt and rejected so often that we are afraid, the internal scars are deep…the pain is real.  We then unconsciously put up invisible walls that keep us from giving and receiving the love that we all deserve. Truth is…whether it’s our child, parent, partner, family member, and/or friend; sharing love with another can be risky, and it takes courage.  Whenever we allow ourselves to become vulnerable we take the risk of being rejected and/or having to accept the love of another. We should also never dismiss the power of sharing a gentle touch, a kind word, a listening ear, a sincere compliment, or even the smallest act that may show someone we care.  

Many hearts have been left broken and confused by loving words and acts that have been left unsaid/undone.  Remember, each expression of love is a gift we can share with others as well as ourselves.  We need to say "I Love You", we need to mean it, and we especially need to consistently show it.

 "Love that remains unexpressed remains unknown..."