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Acceptance & Surrender = Freedom

Let’s talk about Acceptance and Surrender. 

Acceptance is our ability to recognize the facts of what is true in our life without excuses, resistance, blame, or hyped up storylines. It is the pathway to a peace of mind, and is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves. 

Acceptance is a choice we always have the power to make. 

Surrender is an act of courage and faith in a power greater than ourselves that gives us access to realities beyond what we already know. It is a natural process that takes place once we have become willing to let go.

Surrendering moves us from ego to Divine love.

Acceptance implies that we should see things as they are. Some may say, seeing things as they are sounds good in theory, but what happens when life shows up filled with experiences that are completely out of our control… the unpredictable twists and turns that transform who we are, and have a profound impact on our lives.  It may be an illness or the loss of a loved one, a missed opportunity, sudden change in plans, or anything that’s out of our control; whatever it may be, acceptance is often very challenging.  The serenity prayer says we should accept the things we cannot change; however, it’s hard to embrace acceptance when you deeply wish things were different.

To stand in acceptance, we must first be willing to separate the facts from the “story.

Acceptance is a process, not a sign of weakness.  When we nurture acceptance in our life, we are able to identify our challenges, consciously decide what we need to avoid/eliminate, and let go. Letting go allows us to see our challenges from a different perspective, which helps us determine when we should persist and when we should accept.   When we acknowledge and accept where we are, we gain the power to make choices that are in alignment with creating the life we desire.    

“What we resist persists” ~ Debbie Ford.

I believe everything in life serves a purpose.  Consciously practicing acceptance prepares us to live in an ever-changing world, and helps us to gain wisdom from our experiences.  Ask yourself why you are having the experience. Finding the lesson within every challenge will help you embrace it instead of fighting it.

Here’s what I know…


When we accept and surrender we let go of our picture of how life should be, and allow ourselves to be in the presence of our life exactly as it is.

When we accept and surrender we allow ourselves to move with the flow of our life circumstances, not against them.

Acceptance and surrendering is not giving up or abandoning our hopes and dreams.  Nor does it mean we no longer work towards improving our circumstances.  It means that we accept that we are not victims, and acknowledge that if we are experiencing something we don’t like it’s our responsibility to change it.  It’s a conscious choice.

We must set a clear intention on how we want our lives to be; visualize, set goals, and take action!  See yourself living the life you desire, breathe into that life, knowing that it has already happened.  Then let go of the attachment and expectation of when and how it will manifest. Say yes to Faith...Trust in the flow, and the process of Life.

Today I affirm ~ I receive my life as a miracle unfolding.  I acknowledge my life experiences as lessons created for my ongoing evolution.    Each day I have a choice.