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Peace Awareness

I spent Good Friday with my youngest daughter walking the Labyrinth at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Meditation Garden in Los Angeles California. 

"A spiritual oasis in the city." Stepping inside the gate was like entering another time and place.

We immediately felt a sense of peace and calm as we approached the foyer of this beautifully sculptured Italian Renaissance mansion.  We were then greeted by docents who led us in a profound guided sound meditation, shared the history of the mansion, and took us on a guided tour of the extraordinary gardens that are nestled throughout the property. 

Lastly, we were offered an opportunity to experience The Labyrinth walk.  

The beautiful design of the labyrinth has twists and turns that lead to one way in one way out. The labyrinth walk is a meditation in motion, and a great way to experience peace, relaxation, and is used as a spiritual tool to connect with your inner wisdom.


As I began the walk a little uptight…looking down at my feet…wondering if I would be able to follow the path without looking silly.

The amazing thing is, as I consciously took each step forward, I begin to feel lighter as the negative energy shifted, and the worry and fear was lifted.  I then begin to walk in prayer, having faith in the power within as my guide.

As I reached the center, I was humbled and filled with gratitude knowing I had received yet another example of how it feels to be lifted and guided by love.  To receive the experience of letting go and letting God is a gift. 


 Each day I choose Love!