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Crystal Healing


A crystal healing session is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals & stones on the body in relaxation.

The goal of a session may include realignment of your energetic frequencies and/or removal of any emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for deep soul learning, healing & spiritual growth.

Crystal healing assists us in all areas since energetic imbalances can end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues.

Crystal healing promotes good health & energetic hygiene via physical & energetic crystal entrainment.

Why I chose the path of a Crystal Healer?


For the past couple of years that I have been collecting crystals, I didn’t exactly know why I was so attracted to them, I just felt a connection. As a Practical Reiki Master/Teacher and Second Degree Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, I knew the connection that I was having with them was familiar to me, it was the healing energy that radiated from every crystal that I brought home.

As I started doing my research, I began to recognize crystals as being powerful energetic tools, and the great benefits that they carried in the manner of healing energy, that’s when I knew that I had to learn more.

I started researching everything from crystal training, crystal schools, to crystal certifications, that is when I came across the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. After going over the program I knew that it was the one for me, so I signed up immediately, and my life with crystals has never been the same!


It is very important, that those who use crystals for healing purposes have had adequate training in order to do so in an effective, yet secure, safe, and sensible manner.

Through the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Program, I’ve been taught a sound understanding of the human electromagnetic field, and how crystals interact with it. I have been trained in how to recognize & remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal energy.

I have been blessed with best of both worlds, Reiki and Crystal Healing, and love how they compliment each other in a healing session.

You can’t fully understand until you experience it!

Experience Crystal Healing


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Crystal healing is a non-invasive modality.

• You will be lead in a guided meditation by your practitioner.

• Your Chakras will be checked for blockages, or any over activity.

• Your practitioner will take moments to right down what they observe.

• Your practitioner will begin to lay stones on your body where the chakras are located (you will be asked permission to lay stones on, or near certain sensitive areas of the body).

• After stones are laid, you may begin to feel some different sensations, this is normal.

• You may experience feeling dizzy or some pain, if it becomes persistent and uncomfortable, please let your practitioner know. It could be a reaction to a stone, it could be a reaction to the healing. Whatever the case may be, your practitioner may change some stones according to what they feel is best for you.

It’s pretty normal to release on a table.

What is releasing?

• Releasing is crying, laughing, coughing, sneezing, stomach gurgles, passing gas, or burping.

• Releasing is normal so don’t be embarrassed, it’s better out than in. Let the body do what it’s going to do.

• Remember, anything that happens in the healing room stays in the healing room, it won’t bother your practitioner, and you don’t have to worry about your practitioner bringing it up.

Sleep is normal during a session


• You can feel somewhere between sleeping and waking.

• You may go in and out of sleep.

• It may feel like time passes very quickly.

What’s for you is for you

• Sometimes a stone might roll off of you, when that happens, it was not meant to be on you.

• Don’t worry about it!

End of session

• The practitioner will gently guide you out of the healing session when your session is over (ring a bell, etc).

• Please get up slowly

• Your practitioner will offer you water. It is very important to stay hydrated.

Before leaving the healing room, your practitioner will talk to you about what they found during your healing session, and may offer you a crystal prescription (remedy). Remember, your practitioner is not a doctor, healing sessions are to aid in your healing and give you information that may help you in the healing process.


Reiki and Crystal Healing Benefits




  • Eases aches & pains, and relaxes tension.

  • More energy/strengthens immune system.

  • Relieves fatigue/Promotes restful sleep.

  • Strengthens natural self-healing.



  • Balances mind/aids in concentration.

  • Relieves stress/soothes emotional distress.

  • Helps unlock suppressed feelings.

  • Supports a peaceful and positive outlook.



"Margo gave me my first ever reiki session and it was amazing! Really blown away by how she was able to identify all of my pain points (even ones I didn't mention)... I've been dealing with chronic nerve pain for 4 years now and she is literally the ONLY professional I've visited who understood how real my pain is, to the point that she was so in sync with me that she could feel it herself. I've visited and spent money on so many doctors who treated me as if my pain is fake and doesn't exist. Words really can't express how much it meant to have someone even simply acknowledge that it's real (bc it's real and I feel it!) and then help relieve it. I recommend anyone who is experiencing chronic pain (mentally or physically) to see her as well!" 

- Mikel D,. California



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  • Just for today – I release angry thoughts and feelings

  • Just for today – I release thoughts of worry

  • Just for today – I am grateful for my many blessings

  • Just for today – I will practice expanding my consciousness

  • Just for today – I will be gentle with all beings, including myself