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Empowerment Coaching



Empowerment Coaching is an investment in yourself, and becoming self aware is the key to living an empowered life!  

Empowerment Personal Coaching is a client driven process that will inspire you to become an active participant in creating the life you want.  This process will stimulate your imagination as you visualize what you want, set realistic goals, and follow through with action steps that are in alignment with the specific goals you have set. At the end of each session, you will be another step closer to creating the life you desire.

You will choose an area of the life wheel as your primary focus, and your coach will act as your partner in transformation, using solution based approaches and motivational techniques that are specific to your needs. In this process, your coach will support you as you create actions steps, and hold you accountable for completing the steps that are in alignment with your goals. 

Are you ready to live an Empowered life?

Ask yourself am I…

  • Sick and tired of making excuses and blaming others for the circumstances of my life?

  • Ready to surrender my victim story?

  • Willing to take responsibility for my choices

  • Open to embracing a positive vision of myself and my life


Here’s how it works…

  • 3 in-person or phone sessions per month 

  • Session last approximately 1 hour, with follow up by email and text messaging

  • Client will choose an area from the life wheel to focus on during the module; this will allow the client an opportunity to experience success in a specific area of their life.

  • Areas of Life Wheel include - Work/career, money/finances, body/health, primary relationships, family/friends, spiritual development, home/surroundings, fun/relaxation

Empowered and taking personal responsibility for the outcome of your life, your life becomes easier and more pleasurable because you are consciously creating your life as opposed to reacting to life based on subconscious habits that you have become familiar with.


Empowerment Personal Coaching will…

  • Support you in breaking down the stumbling blocks that may cause you to be confused, stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.

  • Inform, empower, and inspire you to uncover a purposeful vision for your life, and to gain the courage to take the steps necessary to see it through.

  • Transform the areas of your life that have challenged you, allowing you to see and experience your life through the lens of unlimited possibilities.


How do I know if Empowerment Coaching is right for me?

Complimentary thirty minute consultations are available upon request


"Margo is a wonderful life coach. She helped me to ask myself the important questions. I found her to be warm and generous of spirit.  She held me in my highest, to which I am eternally grateful." - Eileen A., New Jersey


"Margo offers a loving, supportive and safe presence to those that she works with. She is incredibly insightful and provides you with a vision of yourself so amazing and beautiful that you will have no choice but to reach it." - Sandra H., New Jersey

We are here to ensure that you create deep and lasting change. Move from fear to faith, from resignation to inspiration, and from predictability to possibility. 

“Self-Empower comes from a place that is connected to your Higher Being and draws power from that place.  When you find and make this connection, you will turn your power switch on, and you will be unstoppable.” - Deborah Oronzio



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