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Shadow Coaching


Blueprint Shadow Coaching is a transformational process that reveals our life’s blueprint, allowing us to discover the brilliance that is hidden in the shadows.  This process allows us to explore and become aware of who we really are. During shadow work, the client is supported as they face the hurt, fear, and anger that has kept them from fully loving and honoring themselves.

“Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.” - Debbie Ford

Understanding the Shadow…

Consider there is a part of every human being that has the power to be our teacher, trainer, and guide; this is a part of us that has the potential to reveal our strengths creativity, brilliance, and happiness. This part of us is not patient, and when left unexamined and ignored, has the power to sabotage our life…destroying our relationships, killing our spirit, and keeping us from fulfilling our dreams.  What is this mysterious part of us that is buried deep inside our consciousness?  It’s our human shadow! 

Our shadow was formed long ago, and consists of all the parts of ourselves that we believe to be unacceptable to our family, friends, and most importantly to ourselves.  The shadow is made up of everything that annoys, horrifies, or disgusts us about other people and ourselves.  It holds all that we try to hide from those we love, and all we don’t want other people to think or find out about us. As the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung says, “Our shadow is the person we would rather not be.


During Blueprint Shadow Coaching you will…

  • Identify and overcome self sabotaging behaviors, and limiting beliefs, that have kept you from reaching your goals

  • Uncover your inner wisdom, explore your deepest desires, and learn to trust yourself

  • Discover your unique gifts, reveal your life’s vision, and create a plan of action that will deliver the life you desire

  • Fall in love with who you are, and all you are becoming! 


Blueprint Shadow Coaching Process

  • 3 phone sessions per month.

  • Sessions last approximately one hour, with follow-up by email and text messaging.

  • With the guidance of the coach, the client will identify a specific life issue to explore.

Shadow coaching works by creating a safe environment to explore the client’s deepest fears and greatest desires. The client partners with their coach in determining what they want to explore and how deep they are willing to go. This process will benefit anyone who is ready to move from the darkness of their past into the light that is filled with unlimited possibilities. 


"I have done a lot of work on myself for many years through a variety of different programs, so I wasn't sure what the results this type of work would bring. I was pleasantly surprised to see many positive and helpful results.  I felt very supported by my coach, Margo.  I knew she was not just going through the motions but I felt she was right there with me as I processed through the steps of the program.  I felt very safe working with her which is so vital with this type of work. I never felt judged or criticized but only supported and encouraged. She kept me on task and made sure I got as much out of the process as possible."

- Mary Anne B., Ohio


"Margo believes in all the  greatness that I am.  With every encounter, she offers a generous, strong and heartfelt presence while she helps me to see all of me. I've never met Margo in person but I've felt her hugs."

- Terell K., Canada


"I am glad to speak up about my experience with Margo. Her feedback for my weekly reflections were so insightful and supportive. Her patience and wisdom were all meaningful for what I was going through during this transformational process. I felt how lovingly she was supporting me and our group (even though I missed 2 of the group meetings). In some way, she got to be so present to me that I consider her a forever mentor. Thank you for all you gave of yourself to use. You were a light in the dark for me."

- Joseli D., Washington



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