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Small Group Experience

EMPOWER HOUR is a safe and nurturing space where men and women come together to openly share and discuss real life issues, challenges, and opportunities.  Each week the discussion is centered around a specific topic, how it has/may affect our life, and comprehensive strategies that lead to positive change. We also use this space to celebrate our growth, accomplishments, and our willingness to move powerfully forward in our lives.


Empower Hour Participants 

"I see empower hour as a useful vehicle to improve my living experience. Learning from you points out things in a different perspective. It offers me an opportunity to share with others and to get help in an atmosphere of kindness, hope, understanding,  empathy and unconditional love. Being a part of empower hour is truly changing views in my life for the better. I can't wait until we meet again!"

- Ronnie C. 


"I am beginning to identify many areas of my life that have being affected by Fate intoDestiny. This process is regenerative and never ending. The spiritual awakening Is an affirmation In which my decision show me when to turn my situations over to God. This has been a growth experience showing me how the program is teaching me how and when to make a decision."

- Billy J.


"I left Empower Hour with a feeling of renewed hopefulness....It was such an enjoyable and uplifting experience, shared with positive and encouraging people in a warm atmosphere. To be focused on, and creating a visual of Your hearts Desire without Any limitations was very motivating!"

- Celeste R.


"The Empower Hour sessions have become a powerful source for me to meet very intentional loving positive people. I look forward to each session for various reasons. I'll name at least three: (1) Enhances my communication skills... (2) Allows the platform to confidently share my dreams & aspirations. (3) Enhances my confidence which is in the Lord."

- Cheryl B.

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