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The Ford Institute for Transformational Training 


I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to students training to become Shadow Coaches with the Ford Institute for Transformational Training.  As a previous student, and Certified Blueprint Shadow Coach, I know how it feels, and what it means to be supported and guided by those who have come before me, and who are actively delivering this life altering work in our world. I also see my service as a blessing that allows me the opportunity to give back to the community that supported and nurtured me through my personal transformational process.

About the Ford Institute for Transformational Training:

 The Ford Institute empowers and awakens individuals and organizations throughout the world by offering unique training and educational programs that transform lives. We provide our students and clients with the tools; perspectives, knowledge, and coaching that allow them to develop authentic, abundant, joyful, and fully integrated lives.

Founded by New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford in 2000, The Ford Institute has helped tens of thousands of people to transform their lives in fulfilling and enriching ways. Employing a highly effective, leading-edge approach based on integrity, authenticity, and clear, direct communication; The Ford Institute offers a variety of personal development courses, professional coaching training, and corporate programs.  The students and clients have a strong desire to expand their horizons personally, professionally, and spiritually while seeking to contribute back to the betterment of the world.

The intention of the Ford Institute is that through every interaction, you will be encouraged to cultivate a greater capacity to understand yourself, interact productively with others, and evolve into expanded levels of consciousness to live a fuller, more contributive, and rewarding life. 

For more information about the Ford Institute of Transformational Training visit thefordinstitute.com

Ford Institute Student Mentees

"I found Margo to be an especially encouraging and supportive mentor.  She provided the structure to hold me accountable to my goals and action steps while still allowing me to move forward at my own pace.  Margo seemed to know when to nudge and when to simply 'hold the space', giving me the time to find my own answers.  Her thought-provoking questions offered new perspectives on some of my old issues.

I would definitely recommend Margo to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, conscientious and dedicated mentor who will provide them with the structure, tools and guidance needed to confidently move forward in their life, whatever their goals may be." 

Judy S. - Connecticut


"Throughout this experience you've been a strong support system for our learning and development and I thank you deeply for your attention and time and focused energy in delivering feedback, reading and responding in insightful ways, and holding us in our highest. 

I appreciate all the love and care you've given me and our small group over the last few months. I wish you all the best in your own endeavors and hope we can stay in touch as colleagues." 

Tristan M. - Virginia


"Margo exceeded all of my expectations as a mentor. Never in a training experience have I felt so supported and loved. She mentored me with great caring and deep wisdom. Because of her guidance I feel confident going forth into my work as a Breakthrough Shadow coach. My life has been enriched."

Karla L. - New Jersey